Shark Whale Vs Blue Whale: Who Wins And Comparative Analysis

Shark whales and blue whales are popular oceanic animals. Let us conduct a comparative analysis on them. Shark whales are touted as the largest species of the fish family whereas blue whales are the largest living animals on Earth. While shark whales are stouter, blue whales have a leaner appearance. Besides, shark whales have a … Read more

Megalodon – The Largest Shark That Ever Lived – Could Eat Prey the Size of Entire Killer Whales

Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, is famous for its gigantic, human-hand-sized teeth. However, there is little fossil evidence of its whole body. International researchers in collaboration with the University of Zurich used an exceptionally preserved specimen to create a 3D computer model of its full body. According to their results, the megalodon could … Read more


10000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFOs, Aliens in Chhattisgarh Ancient Indians manufactured different types of vimanas (airplanes), which find mention in several ancient Hindu scriptures including the epic Ramayana. Rigveda finds mention of mechanical birds; this description gives us an idea about the shape of the vimana used during Rigvedic period. Vaimanika Shastra by … Read more

Scientists working to unravel mystery of 300-year-old mummified ‘mermaid’ with ‘human face’ and tail

A mummified “mermaid” said to grant immortality to whoever tastes its flesh will be probed by scientists in order to reveal its true nature. The mysterious 12-inch creature was allegedly caught in the Pacific Ocean, off the Japanese island of Shikoku, between 1736 and 1741, and is now kept in a temple in the city … Read more

Bats, Virus, and Racism

The notion that COVID-19 originated from bat soup is easily used as a racist trope. —Jing Wang and Li Li Author: Jing Wang and Li LiOriginally Published on: Sinophobia Tracker Editor’s Note: In the final scene of the 2011 movie “Contagion,” a bat disturbed by a logging company flies out of the forest and onto … Read more