How diving as a boy took Tim Flannery on the trail of the megalodon in all its ‘terrifying glory’

With Meg 2: The Trench currently showing in cinemas – its eponymous star looking unhelpfully like an oversized great white shark – megalodons are having another pop cultural moment. Cinema-goers may, justifiably, have questions about the accuracy of this latest representation of these prehistoric creatures. The good news is that Tim and Emma Flannery have … Read more

Do Sharks Like Human Blood?

Sharks have a heightened sense of smell, but they do not specifically seek out human blood. While they may investigate a potential food source, the presence of human blood alone is not enough to trigger a feeding frenzy. It is important to note that most shark attacks on humans are a case of mistaken identity, … Read more

Dead shark found hanging at Ponte Vedra High School

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. — A shark was found strung above a Ponte Vedra High School staircase early Thursday morning and now Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials are investigating. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is investigating as well. A St. Johns County Schools representative said up to five Ponte Vedra High students are … Read more

Shark Whale Vs Blue Whale: Who Wins And Comparative Analysis

Shark whales and blue whales are popular oceanic animals. Let us conduct a comparative analysis on them. Shark whales are touted as the largest species of the fish family whereas blue whales are the largest living animals on Earth. While shark whales are stouter, blue whales have a leaner appearance. Besides, shark whales have a … Read more

Megalodon – The Largest Shark That Ever Lived – Could Eat Prey the Size of Entire Killer Whales

Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, is famous for its gigantic, human-hand-sized teeth. However, there is little fossil evidence of its whole body. International researchers in collaboration with the University of Zurich used an exceptionally preserved specimen to create a 3D computer model of its full body. According to their results, the megalodon could … Read more